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Can’t wait to meet with everyone TONIGHT! Hope you will join us as I interview Trez Ibrahim speaking on “The Writer’s Journey, The Adventures, Trials & Tribulations.” She will combine Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero’s Journey,” with life as a writer helping us keep focused and motivated as we encounter the inevitable ups and downs of getting your thoughts down on paper.

Learn how to embrace the journey to make writing the best adventure of your life whether writing a book, blogs, articles or journaling for your own satisfaction.

Learn how to gracefully and joyfully move along your chosen path.

Pay per event: $27 If you have a special discount code don’t forget to apply it. If you aren’t sure what it is or would like to receive one, contact Penny S. Tee at: for an hour and a half of incredible information, ask questions and even listen to the recording over and over again!

Writers4Writers meetings will be held utilizing Zoom technology so we’ll be able to see each other, our teachers, teaching materials and raise our hands, all on-line.

Come enjoy each other’s company and continue learning this year. Ask a friend to stop by. As always we’ll learn something, support one another and have some fun.

Check out our exciting schedule for the next few months…

John Burke 7/2/2018 owner of Pub-Site will speak on websites for authors

Hank & Sharon Yulof 8/13/2018 owners of Yuloff Creative Marketing Solutions will speak on marketing for writers

Penny S. Tee 9/10/2018 I’ll be leading us to do readings, share with fellow writers, and receive feedback on what’s great about our writing and how we can improve the piece.

Writers4Writers is an online writers’ support group. They say that 81% of people have a book in them. Come Join Me On My Journey, and let’s walk together. If you don’t want to write a book, but are a writer or would like to write-you are welcome too. Any genre or type of work will do from non-fiction, fiction, articles, poetry-whatever suits your fancy : )

We meet on the second Monday of the month online (unless otherwise indicated). It is great having speakers, getting to know everyone, and hearing about our writing adventures. Supporting each other and learning together is what we are all about.

I look forward to seeing friends and making new ones!

4 The Love of Writers & Words,

Penny S. Tee

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