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I’m so excited! On this Monday,  July 2, we will be having our third online Writers4Writers event!! Come learn together as John Burke, owner of Pub-Site explains everything you need to know to have a terrific author’s and book’s website. Pub Site is the new easy-to-use website builder designed specifically for books and authors. It supports social media, author tours, blogging, online bookseller links, and even ecommerce! Have a professional looking website up and running within an hour!

As I was writing my book, “Finding Peace in Israel, A Mother’s Tale of Terror & Transformation,” I learned to be successful, an author has to have an audience. To achieve that in today’s world, you have to have a website…it’s essential! Come join us at Writers4Writers and we’ll learn together how to present yourself and your book for success!

The tickets will be $27 for the Writers4Writers July 2, meeting, 6:30-8pm (recordings available to help with scheduling conflicts) for 90 minutes of terrific learning.

If you’ve never attended an online class before, the technology we are using is Zoom.  It’s like being in a classroom except with three additional benefits:

  1. You don’t have to leave home. You just need your computer.
  2. The sessions will be recorded, so if you have a scheduling conflict you still can listen later and not miss any valuable information.
  3. By changing to online we can connect not only locally, but with the world, and that’s so gratifying that we can help so many more people!

Soon we will be offering Writers4Writers memberships with one benefit being that all content-rich recordings will be available in a library 24/7.

Come join us, we’re a terrific writer’s support group! You’ll find a great supportive atmosphere learning together about all aspects of writing from the business to the craft, writer’s journeys and doing readings.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            I founded Writers4Writers because I fell in love with being around writers. Who wouldn’t want to surround themselves with smart, passionate people who have a message to share?

It’s been a true joy and our members are all types of writers—non-fiction, fiction, poets and every genre…memoir, romance, adventure, sci-fi, comedy—from the published to those questioning—what is this writing addiction that I seem to have? Everyone’s welcome.

So please consider joining us this Monday night July 2, 6:30-8pm

4 The Love of Writers & Words,

Penny S. Tee

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