Elie Avidor, Combatants for Peace

PEACE with Penny (TRAILER) Penny S. Tee Interviews Elie Avidor, an Israeli Peace Activist with Combatants for Peace-Part I, November 2nd, at 11AM Pacific Time.

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Welcome! This time on PEACE with Penny we’ll be doing something different and having a two-part interview with two members of the organization Combatants for Peace.

First, Penny S. Tee will be interviewing Elie Avidor, an Israeli Peace Activist, on November 2nd, at 11am pacific time for Part I, and the following week on Tuesday, November 9th, at 11am pacific time she will be interviewing Ahmed Helou, a Palestinian Peace Activist for Part II.

Are you intrigued to learn how a former Israeli officer in the IDF with a personal family history that reads like the building of the nation of Eretz Israel became a Peacemaker supporting Palestinians? We were, and it was quite a transformative journey. One way Elie Avidor hadn’t changed was in his resolve to defend people, whether for his country, or in his opinion, from his country.

Listen to an inspiring interview with Penny S. Tee and Elie Avidor, an Israeli Peace Activist, with Combatants for Peace. Elie Avidor fought as a soldier in the Israeli army in the Yom Kippur war of 1973, and was wounded and spent three months in the hospital. Yet today, he is against what many call the occupation and he spends his time working with Combatants for Peace. We’re sure you’ll find his story fascinating and a lesson in introspection and change.

These are two compelling stories of Peacemaking and transformation and we wanted to have enough time for both. Combatants for Peace was founded by former fighters on both sides, who today, work on Peace. We felt that each of our speakers’ important personal stories of transformation should have plenty of time, so instead of interviewing them together, like often is the case, we are speaking with them separately.

We’d like to be clear, PEACE with Penny is NOT political, and is interested in presenting the stories of real people, what they face, and how they work on Peace.

We hope you will join us! May You Live in Peace, שלום, and سلام.

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