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PEACE with Penny SEASON 5 Penny S. Tee Interviews Abdelrahman Sultan of EcoPeace Middle East 1/23/24

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PEACE with Penny SEASON 5 Penny S. Tee Interviews Abdelrahman Sultan of EcoPeace Middle East, January 23, 2024.Rev

In Tuesday’s episode, we spoke with Abdelrahman Sultan of EcoPeace Middle East. We just found out that congratulations are in order as EcoPeace Middle East was just nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. It’s very well-deserved. We first spoke with EcoPeace Middle East in May 2022. We will hear how the necessity of water and energy can lead to atypical colleagues.

Beyond their normal essential work, we wanted to learn how they were coping during the Israel-Hamas war, the negative impact on water accessibility for the entire region, and their efforts to help in Gaza to supply water.

EcoPeace Middle East is a unique organization that brings together Jordanian, Palestinian, and Israeli environmentalists. Their primary objective is the promotion of cooperative efforts to protect their shared environmental heritage. In so doing, they seek to advance both sustainable regional development and the creation of necessary conditions for lasting peace in their region.

The immediate necessity for healthy water and renewable energy provides the motivation to leap beyond personal preferences to work on the problems at hand. Hear how they are trying to help with water scarcity in Gaza.

As you can see, many people are working very hard to improve the lives of Jews, Arabs, and Palestinians in the Middle East, promoting cooperation, and PEACE with Penny strives to get the word out that there is hope for Peace in the region.

We hope you can join PEACE with Penny as we talk about their work at EcoPeace Middle East. Helping save the environment not only helps save the Earth, but it helps ensure the safety of each side by working together. Who doesn’t like a WIN-WIN impact?

If you missed last week’s episode of PEACE with Penny when we interviewed Dr. Thabet Abu Rass of The Abraham Initiatives, click here on the written link in the trailer description.
Our prayers continue to go out to the hostages and all people impacted by war. And as always, we conclude with a prayer; that everyone will someday Live in Peace, שלום and سلام.


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