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PEACE with Penny SEASON 5: 3rd Year Anniversary Celebration February 6, 2024

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PEACE with Penny is CELEBRATING PEACE BETWEEN ISRAELIS AND PALESTINIANS for the third year, and they’re not crazy! February 6, 2024


PEACE with Penny SEASON 5: CELEBRATING PEACE BETWEEN ISRAELIS & PALESTINIANS for the 3rd year, Amen! February 6, 2024

HAPPY 3RD ANNIVERSARY TO PEACE with Penny! There are over 100 interviews in our library of Israeli and Palestinian Peace organizations and activists.

It’s a shame that the media has convinced the entire world that Middle East Peace is a non-starter. But then again, the players have had something to do with it as well.

Yes, I’m talking about Peace between Israelis and Palestinians, and I can even hear my mom from her grave, “Are you meshuga?“ (Yiddish for crazy) No Mom, I have heard of the Israel-Hamas war that is almost four months old. But in truth, there are pockets of Peace in this land that both sides love, and they have existed for years. The problem is not enough people know about them.

PEACE with Penny is a platform built to spread the word that Peace is possible between Israelis and Palestinians, and frankly, it exists today. And yes, we need to do a better job spreading the word. If any marketing experts are out there who want to work on Peace, we’re all ears : )

For our anniversary specials, we choose just those from the past year and there’s not a lot of room per clip, when there are so many. I was telling a friend that it feels like they are my children and I’m not being fair. Very few can be included, and I apologize to organizations that weren’t, but anyone interested can access all of the interviews at our PEACE with Penny YouTube Channel or at under Podcasts anytime.

Does war make it harder? Of course, but thankfully not impossible. Do all members of these organizations continue to work together during these times? No, but many do. Some are grieving, others on both sides have had to leave their homes searching for safety. Many have been called into the military, or are filling in the gaps of jobs abandoned to defend their country. Sadly, Palestinians are just trying to stay alive. And the Peace organizations say that getting the word out that people on both sides want Peace is more important than ever.

Adding in the fact of the war, it put a special reverence I felt needed to be paid, hearing what it has been like before and since the war for Peace organizations. Let’s just say they have had some additional challenges, and the good news is, they still are able to do their heartfelt Peace work! Amen. Anyway, people realize wars have a way of changing the way people do things.

These are folks willing to set aside their very valid grievances, some who’ve even lost children to the conflict. They realize retaliation can’t bring their loved ones back, and they move forward working with one another to try and make their neighborhoods safe to live in.

Even during war when emotions are high, we know Israelis and Palestinians want Peace! Peace is the only means to an acceptable future, that makes sense, the only solution that can bring the violence to an end. The organizations we interview work hard every day to move closer to achieving Peace at the grassroots level.

Why not join us as we recap some of the Peace organizations that we’ve been privileged to speak with this past year? I know my name is Penny, but I give at least my two-cents worth of my opinion along the way. Succinct this isn’t, but I believe it’s important information. Advice: Pretend it’s a documentary, grab a drink and a snack and relax on the couch while viewing : )

Thanks for watching. May You Live in Peace, שלום and سلام.


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