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PEACE with Penny SEASON 4: Penny S. Tee Interviews Hands of Peace Part IV Jewish Israelis & Palestinians, Could You Live Like They Do? October 18, 2022

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Ever wonder what it’s like to live in a war zone and still try to carry on with life? We hope you’ll join us at PEACE with Penny as Penny S. Tee interviews Israelis and Palestinians from Hands of Peace, who do just that.

We looked closely at what it’s like to live like a Jewish Israeli or Palestinian. We heard directly from Jewish Israelis and Palestinians about their experiences during 2014, May 2021 and the current violence. I know when we took our infamous trip to Israel in 2014, I had no idea what it truly was like to live in terror or live with the possibility of missiles exploding, shootings, stabbings, car rammings and incendiary devices floating past my front door.

In the brief two weeks we were there, I learned that running to bomb shelters, and feeling the percussion of the missiles overhead was not something I wanted to get used to, or for that matter, ever experience again.

We see horrible scenes on our tv sets, but it’s very different when you live there and the impact it has on your psyche knowing that at any time you could be in what is a combat zone. Many people block it out of their minds. What is it like to live in an area where it’s likely that many, if not most people suffers from P.T.S.D.? When you have to raise your kids to recognize the emergency sirens, run to the nearest bomb shelter where you have to bed down for the week. Or explain to your children that they have to leave their friends again and move because their home is being demolished for the second time. Oy.

If you missed Part I: https://youtu.be/IE5bIoz6M5s

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you can catch up, or see any other PEACE with Penny episodes by watching the recordings on our PEACE with Penny YouTube channel or at our website at www.PennySTee.com under podcasts.

Thank you and May You Live in Peace, שלום and سلام.

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