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PEACE with Penny SEASON 4 Penny S Tee Interviews Emanuel Shahaf of the Federation Movement 12/13/22

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This is our second interview in our series on federation models with Emanuel Shahaf of the Federation Movement. The Federation Movement promotes an equitable and modern federal state of Israel on the territory of the Land of Israel between the Jordan River and the sea, NOT including the Gaza Strip. All inhabitants of the state will be equal citizens whose rights will be secured by a federal constitution. They will be able to exercise their religious and cultural uniqueness in 30 cantons. The regional government in each canton will reflect the composition of the local population by which it was elected and will fulfill all the duties of government not including national defense, foreign affairs and other cross-cantonal duties which are within the responsibility of the federal government in Jerusalem.

Why not join us and hear what the Federation Movement thinks is a potential solution. Get ready to open your ears and your hearts to a new, alternative plan. Does it make sense? You be the judge.

If you missed our last episode on the first in our series on the Abrahamic Movement federation plan, https://youtu.be/crunY5ibRPo or any other of our interviews, you can see them on our PEACE with Penny YouTube Channel or at www.PennySTee.com under podcasts.

Week-after-week on PEACE with Penny, we show you that there are many people who work on Peace between the two peoples every day, we just do not hear about it on the news.

We hope you’ll join us. Thank you and May You Live in Peace, שלום and سلام.

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