PEACE with Penny SEASON 4 Penny S Interviews Yoel Oz of the Abrahamic Movement, August 15, 2023

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PEACE with Penny SEASON 4 Penny S Interviews Yoel Oz of the Abrahamic Movement, August 15, 2023

We are beginning our discussion of various new Peace proposals with an exciting 2-part series. Between the contentious Israeli elections, the continued violence, and the two-state solution that seems dead, it may be hard to believe there ever will be Peace between the Jewish Israelis and Palestinians.

Yet week-after-week on PEACE with Penny, we show you that there are many people who work on Peace between the two peoples every day, we just do not hear about it on the news. The two-state solution has been discussed since the 1930’s, yet is still nowhere close to being accepted by both sides. So, we must look at alternatives.

PEACE with Penny, although not a political show, is always willing to look at Peace from all directions. In the next two PEACE with Penny episodes, we will look at some options of alternatives to the two-state solution called federation models. The first option we looked at is called the Abrahamic Movement. The Abrahamic Movement is a group of grassroots Israeli and Palestinian activists dedicated to formulating a Peace Plan for the Holy Land, using a federal structure, with Abraham as its unifying spiritual and cultural symbol. The model they have developed is based on a paradigm called “Abrahamic Federalism” recognizing Abraham as the powerful unifying symbol that Jews, Christians, and Muslims can come together and agree upon.

The Abrahamic Movement seems to directly address Israeli and Palestinian concerns and each peoples’ love for the land while also convening a third segment of the government to play a unifying and administrative role as a federation similar to other countries such as in the United States, Canada, Switzerland or twenty-five other countries. It has worked for these countries, and they believe it can work for this small, viciously contested country in the Middle East.

Get ready to open your ears and your hearts to a new, alternative plan. Does it make sense? You be the judge. May You Live in Peace, שלום and سلام.

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