Rabbi Elhanan Miller

PEACE with Penny: SEASON 3: REBROADCAST Penny S. Tee Interviews Rabbi Elhanan Miller, Founder of People of the Book, September 6, 2022

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Penny S. Tee spoke with Elhanan Miller, a Rabbi, Jerusalem journalist, researcher and the creator of the online initiative, People of the Book. Its goal is to introduce basic concepts in Jewish faith to Muslim audiences, and vice versa. Through a series of innovative animated videos and one-on-one interfaith conversations, People of the Book hopes to foster mutual understanding between Jews and Muslims and contribute to grassroots peacebuilding.

Peace in the Middle East is contingent upon better understanding of each other’s religious and cultural backgrounds. A better understanding of Judaism can soften the animosity many Arabs in the region feel towards Jews and Israelis, acquiescing to Jewish existence in the land. Similarly, a better understanding of Islam can help Jewish Israelis understand Muslim sensitivities concerning holy sites and other points of conflict.

Very little information exists in Arabic about Jews and Judaism and People of the Book bridges the gap for both the Arab World in Arabic, and Islam in Hebrew, for the Jewish-Israeli audience.

Come learn about People of the Book, and their efforts toward Peace beginning through understanding one another’s religions and cultures. Thank you and May You Live in Peace, שלום and سلام.

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