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PEACE with Penny SEASON 3: Penny S. Tee Interviews Hadas Gottlieb, Principal at the Eastern Mediterranean International School in Israel (EMIS), May 24, 2022

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PEACE with Penny SEASON 3: Penny S. Tee Interviews Hadas Gottlieb, Principal at the Eastern Mediterranean International School in Israel. May 24, 2022

We decided to do this in two parts. In Part I on Tuesday’s episode, we spoke with Hadas Gottlieb, the Principal at the Eastern Mediterranean International School in Israel or EMIS. In Part II on May 31st at 11AM Pacific Time, we will speak with the students.

EMIS brings together Israeli Jews and Arabs, Palestinians and international high school students from across national and cultural divides for a life-changing educational experience.

As adults looking at Middle East Peace negotiations, we know we already screwed it up and are leaving it, to the next generation hopefully, to finally fix. At PEACE with Penny, we always find it inspirational when Peace organizations work with those who probably will be burdened to solve this dilemma. Aren’t you glad to know there is a high school in Israel, who is committed to helping prepare all sides for the difficult task by bringing them together as young people, introducing them to each other, and to the issues, to begin hashing out potential solutions?

A non-profit founded in 2014, EMIS is home to 190 students. 20% are Israeli Jews and Arab, 20% come from Arab and Muslim nations and 60% hail from 40 other countries around the world. Each brings their own identity and perspective and together they weave a colorful tapestry that welcomes difference while finding common ground. Students live and learn, together for two years in a vibrant community that celebrates pluralism, nurtures entrepreneurship and fosters outstanding academic skills. EMIS offers students several academic tracks to pave their way to the best of higher education.

Their academic curriculum follows the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. The social and educational EMIS experience teaches diversity, dialogue and the value of Peace. EMIS also teaches respect for the environment and promotes sustainability as a way of life.

We hope you will listen, and it will give you a sense of hope that at least in some schools, conflict resolution is being directly addressed as a school commitment. I’m looking forward to Part II when we speak to the kids learning these lessons. What do they think, Israeli and Palestinian kids living together with other foreign kids from diverse cultures from around the world?

Sadly, another set of victims is added to our list of prayers as we take a moment now to send understanding for all people who feel disenfranchised and desperate, please reach out for help, and do no harm. To these innocent victims in Texas, may they rest in Peace.

Our prayers continue to go out to the people of Ukraine. And as always, we conclude with a prayer, that Everyone will someday Live in Peace, שלום and سلام.

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