Pastor John Moyle, Peace Activist

PEACE with Penny SEASON 2: Penny S. Tee interviews Pastor John Moyle, Peace Activist and Co-founder of Roots-Shorashim-Judur

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As Thanksgiving approaches, I know I am grateful for my family, friends and all of the people who work so hard to bring Israelis and Palestinians together in Peace. It can be dangerous and lonely at times, but please keep your heads held high, and let your hearts know people do care, and we appreciate your efforts. These are courageous people who simply want their children to be able to play safely in their backyards. Amen.

Pastor John is one of the co-founders of Roots-Shorashim-Judur. Since 2011, he has been involved in Peacemaking and reconciliation ministries on the ground in Israel-Palestine, and was instrumental in arranging the meetings that eventually lead to the founding of Roots-Shorashim-Judur.  During the first three years of Roots, John’s guidance and support were crucial.

Roots is a unique network of local Palestinians and Israelis who have come to see each other as the partners both need to make changes to end the conflict. Based on a mutual recognition of each People’s connection to the Land, they are developing understanding and solidarity despite their ideological differences. Roots is a place where local peoples can take responsibility. Their work is aimed at challenging the assumptions their communities hold about each other, building trust and creating a new discourse around the conflict in their respective societies. This is a grassroots and local model for making change — from the bottom up.

Pastor John’s story is one of courage, adventure and caring. We hope you enjoy! Happy Thanksgiving and May You Live in Peace, שלום and سلام.


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