Ahmed Helou, Palestinian Peace Activist with Combatants for Peace

PEACE with Penny SEASON 2: Penny S. Tee Interviews Ahmed Helou, Palestinian Peace Activist with Combatants for Peace 11/9/2021

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Well, that was creepy. In today’s broadcast, PEACE with Penny got hacked by people with ill intentions, scribbling over the screen vile words and asking for sexual favors. Oy. Was it because this interview was with a former Hamas member? Who knows? A friend said wear it as a badge of success, that PEACE with Penny is being noticed. Oy. Not an experience that I’d like to repeat. It was bashert (meant to be) that this interview was recorded, so no extensive damage, but I felt badly for the folks who showed up live to hear the interview. Sorry.

From now on I’m thinking of recording all interviews and showing them on Tuesdays at 9am Pacific Time as usual without allowing people to attend on zoom. The information will still be distributed, and because it is on my website and Facebook pages as well, people can always watch according to their own schedules, like before. If folks want to make comments or contact me that wouldn’t change either. Also, if anyone has a question of a speaker coming up, they can always send me the question, and I’d be happy to ask them for the answer. What do you think? Moving on to the interview…

Ever wonder how this unproductive cycle of violence could be disrupted and even members of Hamas could change? We hope you will listen to this amazing story. Hope is on the way!

Ahmed Helou is a Palestinian Peace Activist with Combatants for Peace. He grew up burning tires and throwing rocks in protest against Israel, since he was 10 years old. Ahmed became a member of the terrorist organization Hamas, that is dedicated to the destruction of Israel. He’s been jailed multiple times, shot, and lives with the bullet still remaining in his body too close to his neck to operate. Yet today, he is a Peace activist, working with Combatants for Peace. Don’t you wonder how in the world he changed his beliefs to be willing to speak with Israelis, even have close friends who are Israelis, and ultimately work on Peace? I know we sure did.

At PEACE with Penny, it gave us hope. We appreciate you joining us to listen and learn. We understand it is not easy to hear, especially if you are Israeli or Jewish, but the first step in correcting a problem is knowing that it exits. Oy.

You can hear from an Israeli member of Combatants for Peace, Elie Avidor, in our previous interview from November 2, 2021, at this link: https://youtu.be/sJKJGYh2QmY

May You Live in Peace, שלום and سلام.

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