Rabbi Yakov Nagen of Abrahamic Reunion

PEACE with Penny: Penny S. Tee Interviews Rabbi Yakov Nagen, Co-Chairman of the Abrahamic Reunion

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PEACE with Penny: Penny S. Tee Interviews Rabbi Dr. Yakov Nagen June 29, 2021. Rabbi Dr. Yakov Nagen is the Co-Chairman on the Israel Board of Directors for the Abrahamic Reunion. He is also the Director of the Blickle Institute for Interfaith Dialogue. Rabbi Dr. Nagen is a leading rabbinical figure in interfaith peace initiatives between Judaism and Islam and in encounters between Judaism and Eastern religions. He studied Torah at several Israeli religious academies and earned a B.A. and M.S. from Yeshiva University and Ph.D. in Jewish Philosophy from the Hebrew University. Rav Nagen is a prolific writer and has published several books. In 2016 Rabbi Nagen was profiled in Tablet Magazine as one of the 10 “Israeli Rabbis You Should Know.” We hope you enjoy listening. We talked about how religions can take positive steps together toward Peace. Amen.

May You Live in Peace, שלום and سلام.


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