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I’m so excited! Writers4Writers celebrated our 2nd Anniversary. How many of you know I have a writers’ support group called Writers4Writers? Yes, the marketing thing is something I’m going to conquer this year and I’ve been working on updating my website. Soon you’ll see more changes : )

But for now, note the tab that says Writers4Writers and you can check out our events — they’re FREE! We meet at the Rancho Santa Margarita Library the third Saturday of the month from 2:00-4:30pm. We usually have a speaker and then share readings afterward. This particular month we skipped the readings because we needed time to explore and craft our projects. I’m happy they’ll be back next month. It’s a blast to learn together, have the opportunity to engage in discussions and ask questions. Writing and publishing is fraught with details we need to know about and take action.

Some of our writers write for a living, others view it as more of a hobby. A few have written their life’s work and are on the publishing path, others haven’t dipped their toe into that pond yet because they fear a shark is awaiting them — that’s ok, we get it. It’s been a great two years of learning from guest speakers — and each other, about every aspect of writing from the business to the craft.

Our facilitator for our Manifest Your Dreams in 2018 workshop was Trez Ibrahim.  Trez is a speaker,

Trez Ibrahim

Trez Ibrahim

trainer, author and Life Mastery Strategist. She’s helped clients as a transformational consultant, spiritual teacher, life coach and healer.

As we were speaking before the meeting, we realized how many times our lives had crossed and synchronicities abounded. I’m always amazed at how the Universe gives me these gifts of meeting such perfectly aligned people — and I’m grateful.

Trez is on the Board of Directors for the National Association of Women Business Owners to which I have belonged, spirituality is her thing, as it is mine, was also a coaching client of James Malinchak, and had the honor of studying with Dr. Jean Houston, as have I. I’m now taking my sixth class with Dr. Jean Houston and I’m thrilled beyond belief.

Dr. Jean Houston is an amazing, world-renown teacher who has worked with Hillary and Bill Clinton, the Dalai Lama, Buckminster Fuller, Margaret Meade, Jimmy Carter, Aldous Huxley, Joseph Campbell, Eleanor Roosevelt and Mother Theresa. Claire Zammit describes her as “A visionary thinker, teacher, philosopher and leading pioneer of the Human Potential Movement for over six decades.” Deepak Chopra calls her the “Most important teacher of personal and social potential alive today.”

My latest class is with Drs. Jean Houston and Claire Zammit, (the co-creator of Feminine Power courses for women and the co-founder and co-leader of the Feminine Power Global Community.) It’s my intention that the new class­ called “The Influencer’s Masterclass” will help me as I seek to bring more Peace into the world — like I said, I’m dreaming really BIG in 2018.

The Influencer's Masterclass

The Influencer’s Masterclass

The Influencer’s Incubator & Network banner sits proudly on my Vision Board as a reminder of the future that I’m working to create. The community has started posting and I’m blown away by the amazing participants (mostly women) who’ve committed to making a change in the world. Let’s see if we can unite and clean up this mess!

The cherry on the cake regarding speaking with Trez was when I found out she’s Egyptian. My interest in Peace, quite frankly, came as a result of having Palestinian missiles repeatedly launched at us during our family vacation in Israel, in July 2014. I had recently finished my first class with Dr. Jean Houston on “Finding Your Life’s Purpose,” and we found ourselves touring incredible, sacred sites and hiding in bomb shelters. Thus, this was the incentive for my manuscript “Israel: Blasted from Complacency, A tale of touring, terror and transformation.” The rockets got my attention to say, wtf? (sorry, mom). Retaliation won’t bring back loved ones — STOP IT!

During our Writers4Writers meeting, Trez helped us plan to have the best year ever by making Vision Boards together.  Trez says, “A Vision Board is a way to sell your own ideas to yourself, to anchor to your dreams and to allow the magic of manifestation to work in your life.”

It’s a pictorial representation of your dreams to look at, encourage you and put a smile on your face throughout your year. We all have goals for the many aspects of our lives whether personally for ourselves or our families, careers, play time — it’s important that we set an intention for every part of our lives we consider important.

As we discussed what we each of us wanted to happen in 2018, and we perused magazines and cut and pasted our wishes to our boards, it was clear that we all had deep goals for the next twelve months from our personal lives and families — to our careers.

It didn’t matter what we chose to put on our boards, as long as our boards represented our stories that we wanted to tell ourselves on a daily basis. A visual mantra to be placed somewhere in our homes that we could see often to remind us of how we wanted our lives to look and to take steps every day to move our dreams forward. For me, I’ve even adjusted mine since, because some things changed or I didn’t have the right picture with me at the time. That’s fine, it’s mine : )

I knew that 2018 would be a huge year. My family is always primary so I put a beautiful picture of our 2018 New Year’s cruise to Mexico — ship, ocean and the three of us with a huge added bonus that my

Penny's 2018 Vision Board

Penny’s 2018 Vision Board

6’1″ son leaned down and cuddled his teenage! head against mine. As I’ve written with angst in my past articles, that affectionate sign from my hormonal, independence-seeking son was something I wanted to remember! My son will be going off to college and I’m sure that will be a slippery slope of excitement and trepidation as the empty nest for sure will take an adjustment period.

Of course Writers4Writers was prominently featured. My book will be published and I’ll launch a speaking career. Someone recently gave me a phony million dollar bill and I can assure you I affixed that toward the top. After years of being a stay-at-home mom, writing my book, articles for my website, Writers4Writers (all projects of love), you know how it is — the list goes on and on, I’m ready for Penny S. Tee #1 Bestselling Author (it couldn’t hurt).

More pix affixed to my board were my new www.PennySTee.com banner I’ve been working on which will be updated on my website soon with a new tagline : ), and beautiful pictures of places I love. There’s the ocean, beautiful flowers, and a hotel with an ocean view to represent my love of traveling.



Another amazing community I belong to is through neurogym, a company founded by John Assaraf of the movie “The Secret” and best-selling author.  They use neuroscience to help improve your life through what they call the practice of innercising — using your brain to help create “A Better You,” and therefore “A Better World.” When you purchase neurogym’s programs, you gain access to the neurogym community.

I’ve been astounded by the encouragement — not only by the daily uplifting video updates and community comments, but by the support — sometimes directly by John Assaraf and Mark Robert Waldman, a compassionate neuroscientist who works with neurogym. It’s a gathering of like-minded folks interested in continual self-improvement and willing to acknowledge the efforts of their fellow sojourners.

On my birthday on Monday, when I posted my recent video of where I love to meditate on the neurogym community, I received nearly 100 kind wishes for a Happy Birthday and great year ahead. It made my day and made me feel I was amongst my peeps. It’s a fertile ground in which to grow your mind and life, and I couldn’t be happier to have found this wonderful group of people.

I smile when I see their banner on my Vision Board — the background is in purple, a color I’ve been told aligns with my spiritual color palette — as I’ve said in the past, when you pay attention, you’ll notice even the smallest things.  A wink from the Universe and a confirmation that I’m where I’m supposed to be and doing what I was born to do. Thank You!

There’s a great picture that I found of a girl jumping in the air with glee. I couldn’t resist affixing a photo of my face over hers (well, why not?).

Oh my, now my special tree where I meditate. It’s a beautiful, dignified (I believe oak), that happens

Penny's Woman Meditation Tree

Penny’s Woman Meditation Tree

strangely enough to look like a woman. She has all the parts — her head, breasts and a womb supported by a curved back with her keister thrust upward. She has deep roots to give her a solid foundation, with her arms (some people may think these are branches) reaching upward toward the heavens in joyous offering.

She even has a part that strangely looks like a male appendage thrusting upward for those times when we have to forge ahead with our strong, resilient qualities that sometimes feels a bit more testosterone induced.

OrangeTheory Fitness is plastered there as a reminder to keep fit. I love the people and feel it’s the most effective physical workout since my marathon running days — but I can’t say that I ever look forward to arriving. I’m not a natural athlete and with my injuries from running marathons all of those years and age somewhat being a factor, well I do adjust my workout. I go religiously because it’s the way to stay healthy. However, as I’ve said in the past, leaving is much more pleasant than when I enter the door because I’ve worked my ass off and endorphins are flowing, so I’m too loopy to care about how hard it was.

Another addition to my 2018 statement of life is of course, encouraging words — Choice!, Become the person you were meant to be, dare to dream, answering the call, Love THAT!, breathing space, timeless beauty, live with an open heart, If it matters to you, IT MATTERS — all important thoughts to keep in mind.

Then there’s the dream of meeting Oprah, my birthday buddie although she’s a couple years older — oh yes, it’s always important to DREAM BIG!

At Writers4Writers on February 17th, Annie Quinn, author of the award-winning book “A Moment in Connemara: an Irish Love Story,” and founder of Ballycotton Press and Publishers Network, will be speaking on The Importance of Journaling and Memoir.” Her novel is based on her true love story with her late husband, of how they met in Connemara, Ireland in 1999.

Come enjoy each other’s company and continue learning this year. You’re welcome to bring a friend. As always, we’ll learn something, support one another and have some fun! Please be sure to R.S.V.P. and also let me know if you want to do a reading of your writing (five double-spaced pages please.) First come, first serve.

I invite you to Join Me On My Journey…

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