Interview with Penny

Today’s show is particularly timely, given that we are on the brink of war with Iran, a country that has been the biggest perpetrator of terrorism in Israel (and other countries). A few years ago, Penny S. Tee thought she was simply taking a trip to Israel to celebrate her son’s Bar Mitzvah. Instead, when bombs started raining down on them, she and her family had eye-opening and life-changing experiences. Penny shares her journey and reveals highlights of her book, Blasted from Complacency: A Journey from Terror to Transformation in Israel. It is Penny’s compelling, true account of her harrowing ordeal and how it jolted her out of inaction and caused her to rethink her beliefs. She exposes the terrifying reality faced daily by Israelis and Palestinians, as they struggle to live their lives under the constant threat of attack. A gripping chronicle of one woman’s ongoing quest for peace both within herself and in the world around her, Blasted from Complacency is a revelation.

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